Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Long time no see!

I just remembered I have a blog. Why, hello Blog! Good to see you! Well, many wonderful things have happened since we've last seen each other. A fabulous move to Brooklyn. A nice comfy apartment. Get to live with my fella and the cat. New friends and old ones. In a few days we'll see if I got a raise.

Did I put any weight back on? Why, yes I did (and thanks for noticing...really). However, I am back to my determined ways so you can put that smug look away. Back to 1,200 calories a day (on the weekends, give me strength). Walking a lot when weather permits. Getting back into the swing of things.

I feel like it's taken me a long time to get my act together. Get out of debt, move out of my parents' place and start a life of my own. Savings account and 401k. I want to tackle this one thing and be a great example for myself. Six years ago, I would have said the life I have right now is damn near impossible to get. So, I guess anything's possible.

Until next time...

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Been way too long

Ok. Down 26 pounds since I started this damn blog. I have another 24 pounds to go. Doing the Slim-Fast 3-2-1 plan really helped. Although, I must admit that after doing this for a while I have started to slack off. After a while, the shakes and bars start to get a little nauseating, and sushi, cheese, beer and wine start to look a lot more appetizing. But I try to remind myself that it's working as I ingest another bar for breakfast while I fantasize about turkey bacon and cheese on a garlic bagel. Works 70% of the time.

Labor Day weekend has just passed. Since I am down a good amount of weight, this summer was a lot more enjoyable than last. I actually threw on a bikini several times (though how good I looked in it, who knows). I bought a lot of sun dresses, which made my summer wardrobe extremely comfortable. Shopping was a lot more fun as well, although I probably spent more money than I should have. Bought my first skinny jeans in four years. Have to say I looked pretty darn cute in them.

I wish I had the motivation some of my friends do. They run for miles on a daily basis, and have strict vegan diets. They do look fabulous, I must admit. I wonder sometimes if I would be happy that way, giving up my favorite foods for a lifetime but looking amazing. I feel that I would be losing more than I would be gaining (or again, losing?). Truth is, as of right now, I love my cheese. And my sushi, beer and wine. And these are things I can only give up temporarily. I'd rather be a fat-ass than lose the simple pleasures in my life. If you are what you eat, than for the most part, I'm delicious!

Still waiting to move to Brooklyn. Still waiting on various music projects. Hopefully, moving to Brooklyn will give me more motivation to do the things in life I want to do. I'll be able to rest longer before and after a day of work in Manhattan. Never mind have more time to jam, to work out, to be happy.

Until next time. Hopefully the next coming months will have me in Brooklyn and down 30 pounds. A girl can dream, right?

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Starting over yet again

Ok, so I was doing very very well. My size 12 jeans were loose on me, very exciting. Then the holidays came. And with it came a ton of snow and ice. I ate whatever I wanted. Barely walked. Gained back 10 pounds. Realized that this morning. When you were down 18 1/2, and gained back 10 of them...it really, really sucks.

I went out a couple of weeks ago to see a bunch of old friends. I thought I was looking great and then I saw the pictures. Ick. Double chin, feeling like I take up half the room. Maybe I'm being over-dramatic, but I used to rock pictures. So when I look at pictures of me now compared to pictures.........fuck.

So I'm back on track now. Trying to eat a lot of fiber, veggies, etc. while thinking about how good deep fried cheese with cheese dipping sauce would be. I make sure the alarm on my cell phone reminds me of my goal. It's not just about the clothes (though it's great when they fit) or the pictures (vanity is my greatest flaw) but the way I'm treated. I can not stress the fact more that people treat you differently when you're overweight and when you're thin. The awful truth, but there it is.

So here I go again. Kinda hungry but staying positive...

Friday, August 21, 2009


Well, it's now been 11 days since I started this hellish diet. I've officially lost eight pounds. Thank goodness. Of course, I don't think I look any different at all. It's been exhausting though. I've been going for long walks during my lunch hour to start. It's been so humid out that I feel as if I'm going to pass out as soon as I get back to the office. I've been consuming less than 1,200 calories a day. There hasn't been time to do much else besides diet and work. I would like to take a long weekend in a couple of weeks and work on recording with Santorum, the electronic project I've been working on with my boyfriend. I want to stop obsessing, and that's what I have been doing. Of course, as much as I want to bitch, I know that I can't be skinny and have a great album in a day. If only things were that easy. Since there is nothing new to report, I'll be on my way.

Until next time...

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Greetings to any that may be interested. My name is Jen, I'm 30, I'm from Long Island New York. I went to Fashion Institute of Technology as a Fashion Illustration Major. I now work in real estate. I have a great boyfriend and a great family. No kids. Don't want em. I'm a huge music fan. My musical tastes are mostly punk, new wave, rockabilly, etc. I am also a huge movie fan. My favorite movies are usually horror. I like to go to horror conventions, the occasional punk show, and anywhere that's fun where friends and drinks are involved.

What is my blog going to be about? Oh, who the hell knows. I guess my main obsession is vanity. It's the way I was raised, which unfortunately, makes me feel like a failure at this point in my life. Although I'm not unattractive, I have gained about 40 pounds over the past few years, and being this puffy gives me an anxiety that's hard to explain. So I'm on a major diet right now, and I'll probably write about the progress. Another subject will be art, music, writing, etc. I used to be a great poet, but can no longer write. I haven't created a good piece of art in at least six years. As far as music goes, I'm in the process of recording an electronic album with my boyfriend, so I will be posting updates on that soon.

Well, until next time....